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Sergiu Celibidache had a lot of a scientist because he knew exactly the physical laws of the tone, the field of acoustics as well as the instruments. But he also had a lot of a mystic and was in the possession of the unsettled soul of a gipsy. A heterodox, but wonderful mixture!
He was an extraordinary personality!

Daniel Barenboim


  My husband Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Sergiu Celibidache had the same visions about life and art. This fact deepened their friendship. For those who love music ­ the great music that makes you hold your breath ­ this spiritual affinity, which was manifest in their brilliant performances, will rest forever in vivid remembrance. Conductor and soloist were as one.

Giuliana Benedetti Michelangeli, 10. Mai 2001

After World War II, the world - especially the world of Europe - needed moral and physical rebuilding. There were many heroes in this gigantic task. One of them was Sergiu Celibidache, who did much to restore the music life of Europe to ist centuries old importance. For that, above all, we owe him a great debt. I consider it a privilege to have worked with him in the early years of my career.

Placido Domingo


I hold in mind very precious memories of Maestro Sergiu Celibidache ­ among these one of the most wonderful performances of my opus "Métaboles" with the Orchestre National de France, an interpretation of sparkling richness and at the same time of extreme transparency in the tone colourings. I will further never forget that I owe the commission for my current work ­ which I am writing for the Berliner Philharmoniker ­ to the initiative of this great artist, who belonged to the most outstanding leaders of this very orchestra.

Henri Dutilleux, April 2001

It is important for me to bear witness to the good relationship ­ for both sides ­ between Wilhelm Furtwängler and Sergiu Celibidache. They held each other in high esteem; the most important subject of exchanges between them were the questions concerning music during their lifetime. Their written correspondence ­ which is planned to be published ­ contains many exact details about this.

Elisabeth Furtwängler, 3rd April 2001


I had the good fortune and great honour to perform many sublime concerts under the baton of Sergiu Celibidache. It is impossible to define genius, but Celibidache was that rare phenomenon who represented an intellect of the highest order combined with an amazing technical conducting skill to match. His great contribution to music was that he carved a path into hitherto unknown musical territory, a revelation of unique quality and experience. Celibidache was capable in a magical way to interpret and incorporate the mystery of life into the eternal enigma of music. We should be forever grateful for this cultural education from a man whose presence on this planet was a gift to all musicians, young and old. The impact which Celibidache made is boundless, - an inspiration and legacy to be cherished for posterity.

Ida Haendel

Sergiu Celibidache was an unique personality among musicians. His extraordinary musical talent, allied to the profound knowledge of the acoustical and sound principles, offered to the listener an uncompromising, crystal clear and grandiose vision of the complexities of the score. Unforgettable music making...

Radu Lupu



In the field of art the great father figures are immortal. A great conductor as Sergiu Celibidache, who by his lively manner of making music formed his own era, does not fade to a figure of our memory. The consequences of his powerful and unique conductions on his musicians, the effects of his pedagogical charisma on his renowned pupils, but also the great heritage of original recordings, films, sketches of compositions and writings can secure the validity of his creation of music into the future. But all this needs care. The "Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung" is to have the merit and responsibility of preserving the musical opus of the great Maestro through documentations, concerts and the "Sergiu Celibidache Festival". The Bavarian Theaterakademie August Everding is pleased to be at its disposal for all these purposes.

Professor Dr. Hellmuth Matiasek

Since my youth I have been a fan of Sergiu Celibidache, and seen a lot of his concerts and auditions. During his stay in Stuttgart our contact was interrupted for a period of time; but it was a great honour and pleasure for me when I was invited by him to conduct his orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and later to help out when he was not able to conduct any more. I support the "Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung" deep in my heart, because Celi´s thoughts should stay present and instill with enthusiasm the generations to come as well as the current ones. The support of young musicians was always very important to him and is one of the priorities within the work of the foundation.

Zubin Mehta, 10. Mai 2001
  I was a great admirer of Sergiu Celibidache and am delighted to be associated with the Foundation´s Kuratorium. Even though his time with them was short, Celibidache´s spirit will live on in the Berlin Philharmonic.

Sir Simon Rattle, 15. Mai 2001