Further to building up its archives, the Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung has supported from its beginning musical projects and activities based on the Phenomenology of Music and therefore useful in introducing us to the central artistic, pedagogic and philosophic statements in Celibidache´s field of music.

This is the work which continuously supports the Montbozon-based Association Celibidache. The association (its complete name is: Society of Musicians attending the musical heritage of Sergiu Celibidache) was founded in March 1999. The close co-operation with Konrad von Abel, who was the artistic and pedagogic assistent of Celibidache from 1986 to 1996, is the basis of a well-founded instruction in the Phenomenology of Music. In parallel to the seminar work, the Association Celibidache, which unterstands itself as an executive authority of the Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung, manages a project related orchestra; they currently carry out three projects a year with a team of 27 to 41 musicians. The programmes, perfected during a week of intensive rehearsals, are presented in the region but also in the whole country, so also in Dijon and Paris. The repertoire ranges from Haydn and Mozart through Mendelssohn, Dvorák, and Elgar to Bartók, Schönberg and Chostakowich. The outstanding quality of the orchestra can be judged by several live recordings of concerts on CD. The Orchestre de l´Académie de Montbozon, conducted by Konrad von Abel, will present itself at the "Sergiu Celibidache Festival" 2002 in Munich for the first time.

Since the summer 2000 the work of a symphonical orchestra conducted by Jean Paul Jégo is supported in co-operation with the Fundatia Celibidache in Bucharest/Romania. Through this co-operation 90 students and graduates from Romanian Universities of Music were awarded scholarships to enable them to concentrate thoroughly on the intensive rehearsals. Since the spring 2001 the support concentrates on scholarships for individual students and subsidies for chamber music to enable ensembles of junior talents to present themselves at the "Sergiu Celibidache Festival" 2002 in Munich.

Further to the support of these two main projects, scholarships have been given to students of music to make it possible for them to take part in master classes; they also receive allowances for repairing their instruments and to buy accessories such as strings.

The first benefit concert for the Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung will take place on October 7th, 2001 at the Prinzregententheater in Munich. During Vacheron Constantin´s cycle of music "Zeitklänge", Johann Sebastian Bach´s mass in b-minor will be performed. This project will mark the beginning of the cooperation with the foundation in Munich, the city in which Sergiu Celibidache had found the centre of his musical work as "Generalmusikdirektor" of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

October 30th, 2001 will see a further charity concert organised by the foundation, with which the violinist Ida Haendel, accompanied by Ilya Itin on the piano, will lead the Munich audience into the Festival 2002 with a recital.