The Sergiu Celibidache Stiftung was registered on December 23rd, 1999 with the Government of Upper Bavaria as a non profit-making, public foundation seated in Munich.

2 (1) The objective of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, in particular the protection of and care for the musical and human heritage of Sergiu Celibidache and the preservation and promotion of the comprehension of his importance, work and activity, his merits and methods.

(2) The purpose of the foundation is to be achieved especially by means of the following steps:

- by the collecting, sorting, arranging, safe-keeping and making accessible of all compositions and documents from the life and work of Sergiu Celibidache, especially by the implementation of libraries and archives for picture and sound recordings together with the necessary technical accessories;

- by care for and continuation of the musical heritage of Sergiu Celibidache;

- by the development, financing, co-financing and performance of musical activities at home and abroad, in particular in the pedagogical field by: the education of instrumentalists and conductors in chamber and orchestral music; holding master classes, seminars and scientific congresses; publications, congress reports as well as sound and photo material for documentation and study purposes; the issuing of research orders and granting of scholarships; further the organisation of concerts and concert series, lectures, contests and other manifestations for the realisation of the above mentioned purposes;

- by acquisition, renting and/or maintaining of the suitable buildings or other localities at home and abroad in order to carry out the steps for the promotion of the foundation purpose, i.e. for the implementation of archives or the performance of teaching events in the field of art and culture, concerts and other measures in the sense of the foundation purpose;

- by the financial support of persons (especially by the granting of allowances, scholarships and awards), especially musicians, artists, teachers, pupils and students whose activities are considered as promotable;

- by acquisition, establishment and/or support of memorial places at home and abroad for Sergiu Celibidache;

- by the issuing of requests to suitable persons or institutions for expert opinions, lectures and other works by which the foundation purposes will be achieved and/or which will be of use to them.